Visits During COVID-19

MAY 22, 2020

I am excited to share that we have two new ways for you to visit/interact with your loved one at Heritage!

1. The technology is now in place for you to have a “facetime” visit on a ZOOM call with any resident at Heritage. In order to visit this way you will have to have a device of your own (phone, tablet, computer, etc) that you have downloaded the ZOOM app. This is a great way to connect, especially if you are far away. We will be here to assist any resident who would like to visit via ZOOM. (Visit time must be scheduled)
2. We have constructed a barrier on the back patio which will allow you to come visit face to face through the barrier (weather permitting). We will place a chair on each side and both you and your Heritage loved one MUST stay on your side of the plastic “wall.” It is a great way to talk without having to be on the phone. In addition…there is a “HUG GLOVE” station built into the barrier so that you can wrap your arms around each other! It is not perfect, however we know that physical contact is so important and a HUG always feels great! (Visit time must be scheduled with staff)

ALL Patio Visits and ZOOM Calls must be scheduled with Heritage staff.

You can schedule your visit by calling 605-256-1525.

All Patio Visits and ZOOM Calls will be limited to a maximum of 40 minutes each time. For ease of scheduling we ask that you plan to start your visit (either type) at the top of the hour.